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Ep. 8 Sustainable self care, honouring our physiological impulses, and creating healthy boundaries with Briar Culbert

I was first introduced to registered Psychotherapist Briar Culbert at the Nurtured Revolution Retreat put on by Greer Kirshenbaum.

I loved the talk she shared at the retreat, and so when she asked to come on this podcast it was an instant YES!

In this episode we chat about:

  • Weaving self care in little moments throughout the day, so that it is sustainable

  • Listening to our bodies impulses

  • Listening to the physiology of our body and what it wants

  • Reclaiming our wild innate physciology

  • Letting go of our domestication and socialization

  • Allowing our bodies to express emotional charge in front of our children

  • The alchemy that can happen when we creatively express emotional energy in front of our children and it shifts to laughter and play

  • How we can identify our own needs

  • How we've been socialized away from our recognizing and care for our needs

  • What is a healthy human need

  • That emotions are information about whether or not our needs are being met

  • How to communicate your needs in a clearly and specific way

  • Finding sustainability in your parenting style as a mother

  • How a spiritual focus in psychotherapy can support you

If you'd like to work with Briar or take one of her workshops you can find here at

You can also find her on Instagram at @briar.culbert

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