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What is Postpartum Care? What does a Postpartum Doula do?

Imagine having someone that cares for you postpartum the way you care for your children ...

Imagine having someone to help you organize your community, your family, your home, and your life so you can just rest, relax, and bond with your baby for several weeks after birth...

Imagine receiving bodywork and massage, enjoying warm herbal baths, being fed nourishing food, having a shoulder to cry on, and someone to talk to that understands and gets it while you are deep in the throes of caring for a new born...

Imagine having someone to help you to prepare and figure out how you are going to get enough sleep, enough support, enough nourishment, and loving connection during the first six weeks to a year postpartum.....

Sound good? This is why you want the support of a Postpartum Doula.

About Me

As a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner, I have been trained in worldwide traditional postpartum care practices that are also backed by the latest science. These practices support women to recover, heal, and thrive after birth, and for long-term health and wellness during the child-bearing years and beyond.

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What I Offer

Postpartum visits may include a combination of the following:

  • emotional support, a listening ear

  • setting up a sitz bath, warm herbal compress, yoni steam, or herbal bath

  • warm oil lymphatic drainage massage

  • warm oil abdominal massage

  • castor oil packs

  • moxibustion treatment

  • guided visualizations, including birth story clearing and processing

  • comprehensive self-care education in scar-tissue remediation, vaginal self-massage, holistic breast care, and postpartum recovery meals and nutrition.

  • education on basic baby care, biological breastfeeding, and pelvic floor health

  • support with building the bond with your baby

  • preparing a healthy snack or heating up a meal

  • caring for the baby while you have a shower or some self-care time

  • light housekeeping, folding laundry

  • accompanying you on your first trip out, to appointments, baby classes or events


Other Services:

  • community support organizing

  • be an advocate for you as you navigate postpartum and maternal health supports​

When I don’t have the answers, I will refer you out to reliable resources or trusted professionals who practice: Breastfeeding consultation, Holistic Pelvic Care™, Biodynamic Cranial Sacral, Women's Health Physiotherapy, Acupuncture, Baby Led Sleep™ Coaching and more.

Serving newborn parents in the greater Edmonton, Alberta area -  in person, or worldwide virtually.


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