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INNATE's Preparing for the Fourth Trimester Course is for pregnant Mothers and families -

INNATE's Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course is for pregnant Mothers and families - to prepare for a nourishing, regenerative postpartum period.


This course focuses on the 5 Essentials of Postpartum Care - which are found throughout the world's postpartum traditions AND are deeply rooted in women's physiologic and psychologic design.

"At the very least an (postpartum) action plan intends to increase awareness to offset the inherent challenges of adjusting to life with a new baby. A best practice approach is to include the mother's support team, especially involving her partner. If the mother feels supported, she is less likely to be at risk for perinatal mood disorders such as anxiety and depression."

~ Jane S Savage, PhD, RN, CNE, LCCE, FACCE

In this class you will:

  • Learn the 5 essentials of postpartum wellness

  • Create and fortify your support networks

  • Develop a postpartum plan that meets the needs of your unique family

In a society which now generally associates the word "postpartum" with the word "depression", the need for a solid postpartum plan that includes postpartum care is necessary.

A Postpartum Plan is your plan to prevent and mitigate the common stressors that put people at higher risk for Perinatal Mood Disorders and to cultivate health and wellness LONGTERM.

Mother and Baby

The first part of INNATE’s Planning for the Fourth Trimester Course happens PRENATALLY. Information/education about postpartum physiology and psychology is shared, and each family is supported to develop a postpartum plan that meets their unique needs.

The final part of the course happens in the postpartum period. The families that participated together in the first  part meet again, once everyone is at-least 6-weeks postpartum. The purpose of this final class is for MOTHERS and Fathers/Partners to be WITNESSED and CELEBRATED by this community.

In this way, we bring honor and a layer of completion to our rites of passage into Motherhood and Parenthood.

In this class series you will:


Me a few hours postpartum

  • come together in a community of mothers and families to learn about and plan for the postpartum period

  • cultivate and grow your 'village of support'

  • learn time-tested traditional and holistic postpartum wisdom interwoven with modern science, to support your long-term health and vitality

  • learn the 5 foundational pillars of postpartum wellness

  • be supported to create your own unique Postpartum Plan which is PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE to: lower the risks of Perinatal Mood Disorders (depression/anxiety/rage), divorce, digestive issues, pelvic organ dysfunction and disorders, pelvic floor issues, and much more

Parents and Daughter

INNATE Postpartum Care works from the foundational understanding that: maternal health is foundational to society’s health. When Mothers are healthy and well, families are healthy and well. When families are healthy and well, communities are healthy and well – and this concentric ring of wellness continues to move outward to encompass the whole of the Earth. In optimally taking care of the Mothers, we are taking care of the future generations.

Program Details

This Class is offered as private or semi private course. Please contact me to book your course.

Course can be offered as four 1.5-2hr sessions

or one full day session.


$400 per family for private course

$297 per family for semi-private course

Classes can happen in-person or online via Zoom

Also included:

  • one session postpartum to check in, fine tune, and celebrate 

  • several handouts and reflection questions

  • online resource library of articles and videos

  • group chat

  • an exclusive online maternal wellness community

  • care provider referrals (if you live in the Edmonton area)

  • text and email support during the first 3 months postpartum

I encourage mothers and birthing people to attend along with your husband/partner and/or your primary support people. I also encourage you to invite a few more members of your support network to attend so they can also learn this important knowledge.

Payment plans are available, contact me for more details

*anyone who works professionally as a doula or birth worker is encouraged to take the INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training and are not permissible to attend this class series. This course is for pregnant mothers and their families only.



Who is this program for?

This program is ideally for women between 20 weeks to 36 weeks pregnant at the time of the course. Along with their partner/husband/primary support person AND any other people from their support network they would like to attend.

However, it is not permissible for doulas/care providers/birth workers or any other professionals to attend this course. Instead, please take the INNATE Postpartum Care Certification Training.

About Hope

As a survivor of severe postpartum illness, Hope's journey to thriving wellness has had her explore many holistic wellness practices.

She is a certified INNATE Postpartum Care Practitioner and has studied cross-cultural postpartum traditions, backed by the latest science, that support a mother's health and wellness postpartum.

She is a mother to a 3 year old son, a conscious dance facilitator, yoga instruction, DJ, and loves to spend her freetime with her hands in the soil of her garden.

Learn more about Hope

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