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Ep.5 How a Mother's Brain Changes During Matrescence with Dr. Rocio Zunini

Updated: Nov 21

This one is for mother's AND for all those who care for mothers: birthworkers, doulas, therapists, doctors, and midwives.

Here I share a conversation I had with Dr. Rocio Zunini, brain scientist and founder of

Learn about the major changes a mother's brain goes through during Matrescence: the transformational journey a women goes through in becoming a mother.

And why it is important to understand these changes to support a mother to bond with her baby, develop empathy and connection, and cultivate health and wellness.

In this episode we chat about:

  • the brain changes that happen in pregnacy and after birth

  • how a mother's brain changes are similiar to an adolsecent

  • mom or baby brain / memory changes

  • the parental caregiving network in the brain

  • importance of oxytocin in the golden hour after birth

  • importance of skin to skin time after birth

  • how a women's intuition increases when they become a mother

  • ways to support the parental brain changes

  • being aware of how vunerable and impressionable mothers are postpartum

  • the increase in brain plasticity and capacity for learning during matrescence

  • why it's important to filter what visitors, books, advice, etc mothers allow into thier space durign the postpartum

  • how a baby borrows the nervous system of their mother / primary caregiver during the first 3 years of life

  • why its important that mother's and primary caregivers have people to co-regulate with

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